Best Back and Seat Combo Cushions for Truck Drivers


Trucking is a vital part of the national economy, responsible for transporting essential goods, fuels, foods, and industrial supplies. Although modern trucking laws and modes of working have limited hours and improved conditions, truckers still spend many hours on the road transporting freight nationwide.

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Health Concerns for Truckers

One disadvantage of a trucking career is the problem of lower back pain from spinal compression after the long hours sitting upright in the vehicle. Vibrations and bumps along the road add to the strain on back, neck, and shoulders resulting in a high proportion of truckers seeking medical care. 

Respiratory illness or long-term degenerative diseases may also follow, sciatic nerve problems, and/or associated depression and mental fatigue. Good posture is important to avoid lumbar pain, respiratory and other conditions but difficult to maintain on a daily basis.

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Benefits of Using a Lumbar Cushion

  • Comfort and relief from muscle tension.
  • Relief of spinal compression
  • Lower back support
  • Improved posture 
  • Improved breathing 
  • Improved mental concentration
  • Reduced stress and fatigue

Types of Lumbar Cushions

  • Back supports to improve posture and breathing
  • Seat pads for comfort and relief of pressure on lower limbs
  • Combo back and seat pads to improve spinal alignment and give dual sedentary comfort for long-distance drivers
  • Memory foam cushions 
  • Honeycomb/gel cushions
  • Combination memory foam and gel

Spinal Support

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To counteract these problems modern technologies have developed a number of aids to help support and align the spine when driving. Modern materials and ergonomic design have been key factors in the manufacture of these products.

Choosing the best type of back and seat combo cushions can reduce the pressure on the spine and be of significant benefit to a trucker. Several are available today so reviewing different styles and materials is important when making the selection.

Diversity of Choice

Choosing the wrong size or shape may negate the advantages of having a cushioned support. Lumbar seat cushions come in a range of sizes, some are also wedge-shaped, doughnut style, or contoured, so there are plenty of choices. Similarly, back supports are designed for comfort and improved posture and come in different styles and materials. 

There are heat, gel-filled, or memory foam cushions in seat or back pads or in combo cushions. Truckers may find a comfortable product and prefer materials that retain the same shape they feel suits them. Others may choose materials that are more flexible and adapt to the body shape of the driver. 

Other Key Comfort Factors

Doughnut shapes can give good support but some of these styles have a cut-out tailbone section for greater comfort. Certain makes feature mesh and anti-slip covers in back and seat cushions while the best products are designed to absorb impact from jarring road conditions.

Memory Foam

This is generally the material of choice for most manufacturers and truckers. Memory foam is a breathable polyurethane product that softens with body heat and pressure, molding into the body shape and giving great comfort.  

This material also reduces the effects of impact so is particularly useful in cushions and back supports. Some memory foam cushions are combined with gel technology to give long-lasting comfort.

Durable and Washable 

These two qualities are also important. Some types of lumbar seat cushions are made of a honeycombed material entirely gel-filled for durability. The better makes are lightweight and easily portable as well as washable or have covers that can be washed in the machine or by hand. Adjustable straps for holding in place are also an advantage.

The Best Seat and Back Combo Cushion Set for Truckers

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Support for the back can relieve muscle tension in the neck and shoulders and help reduce pressure on the spine. Improvement in posture allows the lungs to function correctly so improving breathing and avoiding or reducing respiratory problems. 

Seat cushions can relieve discomfort in the buttocks, hips, and legs for long haul drivers. Combo back and seat cushions are designed to give overall improved comfort for truckers and help prevent painful medical conditions.

The Everlasting Comfort Memory Foam Seat Cushion and Lumbar Back Cushion Combo is the recommended one. The cushion set ticks all the right boxes to ultimate comfort for drivers, especially long-haul truckers. 

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This is the most up-to-date combo from these manufacturers, featuring gel-filled memory foam and air vents for cooling. 

Summary of its Benefits:

  • Heat-responsive gel-filled memory foam for body-molding comfort
  • Well-placed ventilation holes for airflow and cooling
  • Deeply padded and ergonomically designed for comfort
  • Non-slip rubber base
  • Adjustable back straps 
  • Hypoallergenic covers
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee

Memory foam works by reacting to heat and pressure but can produce excess heat. These cushions utilize advanced heat-responsive technology to balance the molding and support benefits of the foam with cooling effects from the gel and ventilation holes. 

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The u-shaped cushion pads also feature healthy hypoallergenic covers, allowing airflow and easy fabric cleaning. Another plus point is the textured rubber base to the seat cushion which keeps the pad comfortably in place. 

The lumbar cushion has adjustable straps for a perfectly secure fit for long hours but can be re-positioned for ease at any time. 

Thickly padded and durable, the gel-filled memory foam cushions return to their original shape after each use. The Everlasting Comfort combo cushions are designed, as the name indicates, to last for many years and come with a confident Lifetime Replacement Policy.


Trucking is of supreme importance in the national economy of all countries but especially in the US where an estimated 71% of all freight is moved by this means. Figures also point to up to 80% of domestic goods are also reliant on trucking for daily supplies The trucking industry has had a shortfall of drivers for many years in this vital area of transport. 

In a move to encourage new applicants, governments have sought to impose better health and safety regulations and improved payment terms. The use of comfortable combo lumber cushions can help by relieving the stress of long-haul truck driving, reducing medical problems, increasing concentration, and overall comfort.


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