Content Manager at Uppercase Group – Dubai


Name: Content Manager
Purpose of the position:

  1. Monitoring changes
  2. Preparing information
  3. Expert content on services (up-to-date information on current services and authority requirements)
  4. Updating information on the site for all types of permits.
  5. Complete and up-to-date information on the site that meets the legal requirements.

Job category: employeeBusiness unit: US contentImmediate Supervisor: US Chief Operating OfficerDirect reports: no
Gender: female / maleAge: 25-35Education: higher legal is desirableWork experience: experience in document flow, jurisprudence, business correspondence skills in English / rus, negotiation skills with managers, TOPsLanguage: Russian, English, Arabic (optional)
Opening hours: 9-18 Mon-SatPayment:~ 1100 USD
Probation period conditions:duration – 3 monthsthe possibility of early termination of the probationary period – by decision of the headPlace of work: office in Dubai
Full and up-to-date information on the registration of companies (and other services) in the UAE entered on the portal, in accordance with the requirements of the legislation.

  1. Collection of up-to-date information (commercial offers) for registration of companies in the UAE
  2. Communication with registrars by means of communication, business correspondence, calls, etc.
  3. Negotiating with registrars (field meetings)
  4. Entering information on services on the work portal
  5. Updating information on the site for all types of permits
  6. Monitoring and making changes to services in accordance with legislation


  1. Experience in the legal field at least 3 years
  2. Higher legal education is desirable
  3. Knowledge and experience of document management
  4. Business correspondence skills in English / Russian languages
  5. Business negotiation skills in English / Russian languages
  6. Ability to work with Microsoft Office programs (Excel, Word etc.). Also, in google docs
  7. Experienced PC user (knowledge of office programs and office equipment)
  8. Systems thinking, love for structuring information
  9. Responsible work

Recognition of the team as part of a close circle – employees do not hide anything, openly discuss their problems, share with each other, mutual assistance flourishes in the team, you can always seek advice in solving any difficult and problematic situations in work and life
The ability to separate work and personal – employees effectively perform their work tasks, and do not try to take advantage of friendship within the team and do not tolerate solving problems, difficult situations in work into personal relationships inside the team.
The desire to learn and develop – the willingness to undergo external training organized by the company and IMMEDIATELY apply the acquired knowledge in practice, independent development is encouraged and supported – attending trainings, reading books, etc.
Planning and organization – planning your activities and projects. Taking into account possible changes in circumstances when drawing up plans. Implementation of intermediate and final control over the achievement of goals within the specified time frame
Understanding business – the basics of information business. An expert – can communicate in the same language with entrepreneurs, understands their pains and needs. Possesses information about market trends. Monitors the activities of competitors. Identifies new business opportunitiesInnovation and creativity – finds fresh and original solutions to professional problems. Identifies new approaches and is willing to question traditional methods.
PunctualityThe ability to value your own and other people’s time. Punctuality is not a habit of arriving at work on time, but a special way of thinking. Possessing punctuality, the coordinator knows how to set a goal for himself, as objectively as possible assessing his own capabilities.
JusticeAbility to behave impartially in every situation.
CommunicativenessAbility to establish and maintain contacts. The ability to build and maintain trusting relationships, thereby increasing your authority.
Stress toleranceResistance to stress and the ability to cope with your own emotions, which allows you to stay productive even in stressful situations.
TASKS FOR TESTING PERIOD 1 monthReceive all previously agreed commercial proposals for the UAE, update, make changes (~ 5 commercial proposals per day). Focus on priority free zones and offshore.Add CP to the platform
TASKS FOR TESTING PERIOD 2 monthCarry out the processing of commercial proposal for the UAE that were not previously agreed upon, update, make changes. Focus on priority free zones and offshore.Enter CP on the platform
TASKS FOR TESTING PERIOD 3 monthCarry out the processing of commercial proposal for the UAE that were not previously agreed upon, update, make changes. Focus on priority free zones and offshore.Add CP to the platform

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