Formula Expert Required To Redesign & Improve My Google/Excel Spreadsheet | Excel | Excel Macros | Google Sheets

Hi, I am looking for someone who is experienced in Google spreadsheets and Excel spreadsheets.

• I have a basic excel worksheet containing food product information (shortlisted candidates will get a copy).

• I need to improve data input, extraction, and the design. IT NEEDS TO BE USER-FRIENDLY!

• You need to have amazing design skills, so you can redesign my spreadsheet which has:

Product name, website link, image link, email address, allergens, and nutritional information categories.

• The following things need to be added and/or changed:

1. Include formulas: formulas needed to find matches and return values for –

a. products which do not contain certain allergens

b. products which have certain nutritional values, i.e. Low salt, low sugar, low fat etc

c. save and name multiple filter views for quick access and sorting later.

(Ideally, the values returned should auto-populate to a separate spreadsheet or report, so that I do not have to make a note of the values manually).

2. Add a column to include the names of different vendors/retailers, that sell each product (up to 7 vendors for each product) and include the link to the website for each of those vendors.

(Not sure if a dropdown menu can be used for this column, or if there needs to be a separate column for each vendor’s information?)

3. Protect the Sheet with Password

4. Unprotect the Sheet (Forgot Editing Password)

• I will also need to be able to make a copy of this master sheet with the same rules.

• I require a total of 2 spreadsheets: 1x Google spreadsheet & 1x Excel spreadsheet (so you can design it using a Google spreadsheet, but it will need to be able to be converted into an Excel spreadsheet),

• I will also need you to make a short video that demonstrates how to use the spreadsheets.

Thanks, and I look forward to receiving your reply!

Skills: Excel, Excel Macros, Google Sheets

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