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Are you struggling for ideas on how to raise money for Red Nose Day? Then, look no further, as we have created a list of last minute fundraising ideas. From the basic to the wild, this article has all the information you need to kick-start your scool fundraising ideas!   

Stay Quiet for a Donation

A fairly common and basic technique of raising money for charity is a sponsored silence. Throughout my time at school, there were a lot of students who gathered funds using this method, much to the delight of the teachers! It’s an easy, simple idea that requires no effort – so perfect for that last minute rush!  

Set Up a Social Media Ban

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Another idea that has popped up more recently is to block the use of social media for a period of time e.g. a day, a week, or even a month (depending on how extreme you’re willing to go). Older generations may not think too much of it, but for the youth of today this task is probably more difficult than most. This will make it a worthwhile challenge to set yourself (or as a group) to raise money for charity.

Why Not Host a Dress Up Competition?

Also a popular choice for schools is to host a dress up or dress down day. By collecting £1 for every student wearing fancy dress or normal clothes (depending on what you decide), the amount quickly adds up, making it an effective way for a group to come together and give to the cause. You can also choose a prize for best fancy dress, creating an incentive for students to put some effort in and attempt to be unique. 


Have a Great British School Bake Off!

Bake sales are also found in the majority of schools when attempting to raise money for charity. Children and students will always be keen to purchase cakes and other sweet items. Alongside this, the school could host a baking competition where the students can go wild in an attempt to construct the craziest, best-looking cakes going. Let them eat cake!

Who’s the Baby?

A fun, easy, and slightly more obscure way to gather money for charity is to create a ‘Guess the Baby’ stall where people have to guess who the baby in the photograph is. Purchase a prize that will entice people from around the school to enter and you’ll be finding that the money pot rises significantly! You can use images of celebrities, or, to give it a more personal touch, why not ask teachers around the school if they have any baby photos of themselves? This could create a comedy effect for everyone involved.    

Go Back to Grade One

If you’re willing to go to ‘an extreme’ for the cause, then why not shave your head? Every year, there tends to be brave students and teachers who are willing to go to these lengths and it usually ends up building large figures for the charity. Despite lasting slightly longer than just the day of the event, schools tend to welcome the procedure out of compassion for the donations.

If this approach is too extreme for you (I don’t blame you), then a similar, but tamer technique, is to dye your hair. As the charity in question is Red Nose day, what better colour than red?

Save Your Change for Souvenirs!

Make sure to also keep an eye out for Red Nose Day souvenirs in your local supermarket, as purchasing one of these will also help raise money for Comic Relief. These items include: red noses, t-shirts, badges, lanyards, wristbands, air fresheners, pens, and many more! 


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